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Welcome to Larry Whitt Music

New CD "Never Say Goodbye"

My new CD “Never Say Goodbye” will be out the first week of May. You can download the songs right now. CLICK HERE 


Delivering the Blues” describes Larry Whitt and his musical persona very well. Born and raised in the Ashland Kentucky area Larry has forged his own style of blues through out his life.

A move to Chicago for an extended period of time was the final piece of the puzzle that creates the style that fans have come to know. When listening to the slicing sounds of Larry Whitt you can not say that he reminds you of anyone else. Though his influences are vast Larry has taken a little bit of all that he loves and incorporated it in to a style that is truly all his own.

No matter if he is acoustic or in his band Larry delivers some of the best sounds any where in the world. A pure natural showman who not only plays great guitar but has a silky smooth voice that is sure to please anyone;s ears.

From Chicago to Ashland Larry is a big attraction to all of those who love the blues. One guarantee is for sure; once you hear the man you have heard greatness. It is the only true way to describe the man and his music.


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There are no upcoming events at this time.